Niche Biz: Vacation Photography

WSJ: For summer vacation, the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional photographer to take snapshots and make you look supernaturally gorgeous? A growing number of hotels and resorts are offering sessions with photographers to chronicle guests’ vacations. Travelers want to record memorable moments without ruining […]

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3D Aerial Panoramas

AirPano is a noncommercial project focused on high resolution 3D aerial panoramas. The AirPano team is made up of Russian photographers who shoot aerial panoramas from helicopters, light jets, air balloons and radio-controlled helicopter models. This is an amazing idea, and someone needs to do it for profit!

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A New Breed Of Picture Business

In the late 90s it was companies like Shutterfly that ruled the Internet photo industry. Today it is services like Photobucket, Flicr, or Picasa that seem to be taking up the biggest chunk. According to Bloomburg Businessweek, a new company, Instagram, is beginning to get the attention of the people now. With their iPhone app,

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Anti-Paparazzi Bag

CNET News: If I were a popular Hollywood celebrity, chances are the paparazzi would be staking out my house and jotting down notes on what I had for lunch. Alas for commoners like me, Adam Harvey’s invention won’t do much. Harvey, a New York University graduate, conceived a fashion bag that can help scandal-stricken stars

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