Franchises: Lil’ Angels

The Commercial Appeal: Entrepreneur magazine recently named Lil’ Angels among its Top 500 Franchises in the country. It was the sixth time in a row the business was identified in the listing. The business, which partners with 78 of its franchises across the country to provide photography of children in day care and similar settings,

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Connecting Through Photographs

It is often said that pictures can say a thousand words. For a social network that is replacing words with pictures, it has never been more true. Color has been called the Twitter for photos and video. However, it couldn’t be more different reports Forbes. Color is unlike any [other photo app]. It’s simple yet

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Niche Biz: I Caught Santa

The brainchild of Steven Lockhardt, this unique website helps prove that there IS a Santa. According to The Columbus Examiner, helps visitors create a unique keepsake photo of Santa inside the child’s home by combining site provided digital images of Santa Claus with a user’s uploaded digital photo as the background. Want a photo

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Cool Biz Idea: PhotoBoxi

Trendspotter Springwise reports PhotoBoxi is a sleek, portable and interactive digital photo booth that dispenses free photos while capturing consumer data, generating leads and facilitating social network marketing. How it works? Consumers pose for free digital photos using the rented self-serve booth at a venue or event. Those photos then get instantly delivered to their

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Simple Invention: The Clumsee

According to the Chicago ABC7 News website, 89-year-old Al Roth was inspired to invent the Clumsee after finding it increasingly difficult to hold onto his digital camera. The Clumsee is a handle extension for small digital cameras. The device screws into bottom of any point-and-shoot digital camera, allowing the camera user an easier grip than

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