Ken Jennings’ Tax Bill

Just saw this on the Fox News Channel: “Jeopardy!” contestant Ken Jennings’ total winnings after 30 appearances on the show: $1,004,960 Approximately how much of that will be taken out for taxes: $330,000 That means that for one out of every three games he’s really playing for Uncle Sam. Ouch.

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How To Sell Me Something

Startup Skills: “Small one and two-man companies often get cocky and will talk back to customers. It’s a huge mistake. Your biggest critics are engaged in your company, and assuming they aren’t actually your competitors, they can often be turned into your most loyal customers… if you give them reason to believe in you.”

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How to Chose A Business Mentor Explore your network: distant relatives, friends of the family, former bosses or professors, people you meet through professional associations or networking groups, or even online social networks. Who do you admire and respect? Who has already been a role model for you? Is there someone who has already been helpful to you on a

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The Idea Man Dan Sherman

Dan Sherman, always the idea man, shared his two newest business ideas yesterday: raising money for Republicans for a commission and starting a short run color printing service. The post about the printing service contains this extra gem: Xerox will give you a free color laser printer if you agree to purchase the toner from

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