Increasing Your Cash Flow

photo credit: AMagill Obviously in business we all strive to make as much profit as we can, that’s one of the biggest reason’s why we go into business for ourselves to begin with. So how do you optimize your cash flow and thus increase your profits? Look below for a list of way’s that i

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Sell More At Your Retail Store

photo credit: j.reed Show don’t tell. While Ralph presented me with a three-page single-spaced handout about the Bee Skep after I purchased it, he knew the visual of watching an 89-year old man hand make a basket with a Diet Coke bottle would draw a crowd. From that experience of watching, he then just answered

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Growing Your Profits

photo credit: luc legay Many business owners are looking for ways to grow their profits every year. They keep hoping there will be easier ways to see their profits go up on their charts, but sadly many of them don’t know of any easy ways to help their profits grow. Below are some tips on

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