Ol’ Blue ‘Eye’?

Launched last month by a California company with the same name, the Looxcie (pronounced “look-see”) is a wearable Bluetooth camcorder that lets users capture video of everything they see, reports trendspotter Springwise. The device fits comfortably over the ear, the company says, and points wherever the wearer looks. It’s always on, so the user needn’t

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The iPad Book Publishing Secret

According to VentureBeat, aspiring book authors face two hurdles: Rejection from publishers, and the high cost and hassle of trying to publish a book themselves. Self-publication company FastPencil has come up with a clever new option: Authors who sign up with FastPencil can now publish their books directly into Apple’s iBooks catalog. No permission required,”

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Vanity Press Goes Mainstream

Vanity press used to be for authors that weren’t capable of finding someone else to publish their book. Not anymore, as the WSJ explains: Writer Karen McQuestion spent nearly a decade trying without success to persuade a New York publisher to print one of her books. In July, the 49-year-old mother of three decided to

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