Growing Prehistoric Plants

Popular Science: On the frozen edge of the Kolyma River in northeastern Siberia, in an ancient pantry harboring seeds and other stores, an Arctic ground squirrel burrowed into the dirt and buried a small, dark fruit from a flowering plant. The squirrel’s prize quickly froze in the cold ground and was preserved in permafrost, waiting

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Advertising on Eggs

EnglishRussia: Recently a new trend appeared in some Russian cities to use the mass chicken egg production as a medium for a short text messages that can instantly reach thousands of people in the city overnight, with a message as clear as it was texted to them by someone.

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Ideas from Russia: Ambulance Taxis

[ National Post: Police in Moscow are to carry out checks on ambulances after reports that emergency vehicles have been fitted with plush interiors and are being rented out to VIP commuters hoping to dodge the city’s appalling traffic jams. They face random checks after companies advertising rides in “ambulance-taxis” for upwards of 6,000 roubles

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Small Biz A Struggle In Russia?

No matter what country you are in, there will always be road blocks on the way to small business success. Russia is no different, reports RT. About half the owners of small and mid-sized enterprises in 40 regions of Russia say they faced serious difficulties starting the business, according to new research by the Russian

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