The Key To Sobriety

Tom Edwards openly admits his guilt over drinking and driving. However it is that guilt that has motivated him to create a new tool in the fight against drinking and driving reports Florida Today. About three years ago, Edwards was driving through Merritt Island on the way to his Rockledge home, when he was pulled

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Cool Invention: Robot Lifeguard

Automating life-saving. That’s the plan for one Arizona entrepreneur, Tony Mulligan, who designed a remote-controlled buoy named Emily to help rescue swimmers in distress. Emily — an acronym for Emergency Lifesaving Lanyard — can race through rippling waters at 24 miles per hour and rescue swimmers twelve times as fast as human lifeguards, according to

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Snake Safety Training

A Pennsylvania couple has started a business to supplement company’s safety trainings with rattlesnake specific information: Bob Zumstein has been lecturing on timber rattlesnakes for years and recently had been invited to talk to two Marcellus Shale companies about where workers might encounter these venomous suckers and what they should do if they spot one.

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The Manhole Cover Picker-Upper

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, opening manhole covers, which weigh up to 400 lbs., is difficult at best and dangerous at worst. Dave Roberts, 51, who spent 25 years lifting them while working for waste-water authorities in Minnesota’s Twin Cities, decided to find a better way. A perpetual tinkerer, Roberts designed a machine to remove the

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The Big Escape

When tragedy strikes and you’re on the upper floor of a tall building, how do you plan to escape? Liu Feng has spent each day jumping for a seven story building to test his invention, and to make a product that would be affordable enough for the average person to own. The invention is a

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