The Key To Sobriety

Tom Edwards openly admits his guilt over drinking and driving. However it is that guilt that has motivated him to create a new tool in the fight against drinking and driving reports Florida Today. About three years ago, Edwards was driving through Merritt Island on the way to his Rockledge home, when he was pulled

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Niche Biz: Earthquake Solutions

Worried about what might happen to your family during the next earthquake? One entrepreneur sells kits and consults on the topic. “I’ve been interested in natural disasters since childhood,” Kelcy said. “But I guess when I started to tune into it in terms of a career happened when I was in college and working at

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The Next Noah’s Ark

It may not be a boat or submarine, but “Noah” might save person or small family if encountered with an earthquake and tsunami mix. After the March 11 disaster, which devastated a wide swathe of Japan’s northeastern coast and left 20,000 dead or presumed dead, Tanaka decided to create a personal flotation device that could

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ATM Distress Codes

In the future, if someone attacks you and tries to take your money from the ATM, typing in a unique ATM code may call for help. At least, that is the latest safety idea Joe Zingher has created to help protect against trouble. Zingher is trying to get banks to install it. He says people

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