Cutting Your Tech Bills Down

photo credit: cod_gabriel We can all stand to save some money here and there in business today. Every little bit really adds up after a while. Cutting your bills down a little can be a great way to save some money. Most businesses don’t realize the money they are wasting on some unnecessary technology. First

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How To Save Money In Biz

The hard hits our economy has taken over the past two years have left many businesses looking for ways to cut costs and save money without cutting employees reports 1. Renegotiate Contracts 2. Credit Card Terms 3. Bank Charges 4. Time Your Payments 5. Property Taxes 6. Become Energy Efficient 7. Pay Off Higher

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The Use Of Old Computers

photo credit: Extra Ketchup Many small businesses tend to have problems figuring out where their money should go, supplies, employees, insurance, marketing, etc. Few think about spending money on new technology items such as new computers, they see the older computers that they currently are working with and figure if they aren’t broke…why fix them?

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Money Saving Tips

photo credit: Ken Wilcox. In business and even life in general we are always looking for new ways to cut down on costs and save some more moeny. This is especially true today in our troubled economy, we could all use money saving ideas right now. Below are a few tips on saving money that

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Americans Are Saving More Money

MSN Money: All it took was a financial crisis followed by a recession to get Americans to start pocketing their cash. Americans are saving more money now than at any time since February 1995, The Wall Street Journal reports. According to the Commerce Department, personal saving rose to 5.7% of after-tax income in April. That’s

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