Mining Saltwater with Bacteria

HumansInvent: In places like Singapore, where fresh water is scarce, one method to obtain drinking water is to filter out the salt from seawater. The usual process for doing this is known as reverse osmosis. Using membrane filtration technology, the salt is filtered out and chucked back into the sea. But this is an expensive, […]

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Good Chemistry

Fortune Small Business: Shri Thanedar’s job is to help companies beat the competition. His secret? Chemistry. Take Devro, a Columbia, S.C.-based sausage-casing manufacturer that was losing business to a rival with a shinier product. Devro called on Thanedar, whose firm, Chemir, does chemical analysis and manufacturing. After paying Chemir $7,000 to reverse-engineer the competitor’s product,

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Test Tube Burger Coming Soon?

USA Today: Using cow stem cells grown in a petri dish, the researchers have created small strips of muscle that will be mixed with blood and artificially grown fat to make a hamburger, the BBC writes. Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is being courted to cook “a golf ball-size of this stuff,” physiologist Mark Post of

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