Is The Stock-Up Era Over?

The days of consumers stocking up on large quantities of food regularly and buying clothes seasons in advance seem to be long gone, so says The Wall Street Journal. Retailers are altering their manufacturing and merchandising strategies in response, The Wall Street Journal reports today. “Apparel makers and retailers…are changing their production and selling schedules

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The “Take The Guilt Out Of Online Shipping” Patent is trying to take the guilt out of online shipping with its patent for “Environmentally conscious electronic transactions” reports Fast Company. The patent, granted earlier this week, explains that Amazon hopes to offer both carbon credits and environmentally friendly shipping options. The catch? You have to wait longer–and pay more–for your packages. An environmentally

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Fold It, Tape It, Ship It

Fast Company reports about an invention that might eliminate almost all of the wasted space in a cardboard box. How brilliant is this? Designer Patrick Sung’s Universal Packaging System is meant to precisely fit anything that needs shipping. The individual cardboard sheets are scored with a triangle pattern that can either be fitted to an

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United Shipping Solutions

United Shipping Solutions is a third party provider of transportation services. They are one of very few companies with a contract to resell both small parcel and freight services. They are currently seeking people to become Independent Sales Agents to run their own transportation business in major markets throughout the United States. This is a

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Wal-Mart Tests Drive-Thru Window

For almost a decade, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been boasting that it will dominate Internet retailing the way it dominates strip malls, toppling Inc. as the world’s largest online merchant, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. This holiday shopping season, Wal-Mart has started aiming at what it sees as Amazon’s Achilles’

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Shipping Fees Ship Out

The Wall Street Journal reports that retailers are finally coming around to a concept I have long advocated: free shipping. You don’t get charged a brick-and-mortar-store fee when you buy something in person – it’s built into the price. Why shouldn’t online shoppers have the same experience? Plus, the Journal says consumers are four to

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