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Facebook Drawing In Small Business

It is Sheryl Sandberg’s goal to do for Facebook what she did for Google. She wants to help the company attract small businesses to their advertising options. “My dream is really simple,” said Sandberg, 42, seated near a framed graffiti rendering of co-founder Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook’s headquarters here. “I think every small business should […]

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14 Year Old Social Media Guru

Don’t quite have social media down for your business? Why not get some help from the 14 year old guru, Lane Sutton. Like many people from the younger generation, he has beaten his own path to success using the various services, reports The MetroWest Daily News. Sutton’s rise to whiz-kid status began two years ago

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Credit And Social Media Combine?

Social media, Facebook in particular, is a growing medium. People are still discovering the various possibilities with the service, and businesses are finding new ways to connect with customers with its help. American Express and Facebook are combining in a unique way. According to USA Today, AmEx has recently announced a long list of initiatives

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Is Your Business Failing Facebook?

Sometimes a business will join Facebook with visions of instant success and many followers. Forbes offers a few reasons why your business may be failing on Facebook. You’re trying too hard. Spamming your followers with non-stop brand-related chatter will make you lose followers, not gain fans. Social media works best when it involves an element

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How Influential Are You?

A part of an online presence for any business is maintaining awareness of your own popularity. Are you influencing the people who follow you or does your business need a new look? Business Standard recently reported about a system that a search engine marketing firm has created to help determine Internet influence. Wondering just how

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