Globe Riding

One of the exciting things about running this blog is the number of interesting ideas I come across. One such great idea I just discovered is globe riding. One such company that offers a franchise business is ZORB. ZORB globe riding (generically known as globe riding) is the experience of rolling down a hill in […]

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Joy In Mudville

Fortune Small Business: Jim Bintliff supplies special mud for Major League Baseball. The story goes back to when pro baseball teams began using new balls for each game. They wanted to remove the factory gloss and make the balls easier to grip. The umpires tried in-field dirt, shoe polish, and tobacco juice, but everything damaged

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Hologram Bracelets Are Wristy Biz

When Barbara MacIsaac puts on her black hologram wristband every morning, she feels like she’s just loaded a pack of batteries. “I can’t really even explain it,” said MacIsaac, a restaurant owner from San Juan Capistrano. “I just have this energy level that I’ve never had before. The only thing that’s changed is I’ve started

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