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My Biz: Beer Chips

When Brett Stern sees a problem, he fixes it. A lifelong tinkerer, the 50-year-old inventor used his expertise in industrial design to market snack foods, so says BusinessWeek. Unable to find a beer-flavored potato chip, Stern whipped up his own batch. Within two years, he was shipping packages of aptly named Beer Chips, which retail […]

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Startups Are Like Rock Bands

Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Williams are now household names, and in many ways, these entrepreneurs are like rock stars in the startup world. In fact, the journey of an entrepreneur through the startup experience is a lot like that of a musician seeking stardom and millions of adoring fans, and artist Shane Snow has a

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Top Four Small-Biz Myths

Anne Field at True/Slant takes a look at widely held misconceptions about small business that tend to be reinforced constantly by the media: 1. Venture capital is a viable funding source for many, if not most, startups. Some very glamorous companies like Google and Twitter have received lots of VC money. But, here are the

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