Biz Idea: Johnny Cupcakes

BusinessWeek: In 2001, Johnny Earle dropped out of music college after just two weeks. On a lark, he made a T-shirt with an image of a cupcake atop a pair of cross bones. The trenchantly iconic design got noticed and people started asking to buy his tees. Earle began selling them out of the trunk

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Do You Need Investors?

There seems to be a common mindset among many entrepreneurs. If they are starting a business, they often find investors to help fund the launch. However, a recent article from Forbes argues that most entrepreneurs don’t really need an investor. All they really need is a little old fashioned bootstrapping. However, you might eventually need

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Avoiding Startup Pitfalls

The Salt Lake Tribune: Why do 80 percent of all new ventures fail within the first five years? The biggest reason is lack of proper financing. It is human nature to underestimate the amount of money that will be needed to start up and run a business. They also fail for other human reasons —the

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Sandwich In A Can?

Is putting a sandwich in a can and calling it a “Candwich” the next can’t-miss billion-dollar idea? According to The New York Times, even if it is, investors in Utah who put $145 million in the hands of a money manager named Travis L. Wright will still have thinner wallets. A lawsuit by the federal

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Ideas: Tap Into The Luxury Market

Entrepreneur: Here, three ways you can tailor your startup to capitalize on the trends: 1. Offer an affordable splurge. While consumers still lust after designer brands, they are demanding deals. In the past 5 years, 73 new sample sale websites — like and — have launched, hawking luxury goods at a discount. IBISWorld

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