The New York Night Owls

Who needs sleep when there are start-ups to launch? Between endless e-mail conversations and talkative co-workers, getting actual work done during the day isn’t always an easy proposition. The New York Times has an interesting article about a group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and software developers who have come up with a nocturnal solution to that

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First Look: StartupToDo

This looks interesting: is a productivity application for startup founders, developers who want to fire their managers and microISVs who want to build successful software companies. Here you’ll find specific Guides to many of the hundreds of projects you need to do to build your company. Every Guide is written by, rated by, and

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Web Tool ‘Calculates’ Biz Success

Entrepreneur: Starting a business is not for the risk averse. But in an effort to help entrepreneurs assess just how much risk is associated with launching or running their business,, a website that provides business advice and networking for entrepreneurs, recently introduced an Odds of Success Calculator. The business valuation device calculates a business

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Ready, Set, Start A Business

Was your new year resolution to start a new business? Don’t let the economy get you down. 10 News recently discussed some of the other areas you need to remember when launching your startup. Just ask Yanina Rosario, Assistant Director of the Small Business Development Center at USF. “If you don’t feel you can overcome

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Have You Founder Dated?

In 2010, when Maria Seidman wanted to start a iPad app company, she needed a tech wiz to get the biz off the ground. She posted what as essentially a dating add for a cofounder: “Well-connected, passionate entrepreneur with a decade of experience launching and running digital businesses at a major media company is seeking

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