Niche Biz: Humor

According to a story in Forbes, after a few long nights at the bar in 2001, Jeffrey Goldblatt decided he was tired of overhearing trashy pickup lines and withering put-downs. He teetered home and set up Rejection Hotline–a phone number women could dish out to their pursuers, leading them to this voice mail: “Hello, the […]

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Entrepreneur Makes Sleep Pay

BusinessWeek: The result is the SleepTracker, a watch-like monitor and alarm that users wear on their wrists to record their sleep patterns and awaken them at an optimal time within the window they have chosen. The alarm goes off when the lightest sleep stage is reached during that window, reducing early morning grogginess. The monitor

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Inventing A World Of Fun

Games have been around for many years. However, some of the games people love, like Monopoly or Life, have made it hard for new game inventors to enter the market. So, when one inventor has more than one success, its obvious he is innovative enough to meet gaming needs. Velte, 50, now creates fun full

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Use The ‘Puppy-Dog Close’

Sydney Barrows at reports letting customers take your product home on a trial basis may clinch the sale. Take the so-called puppy-dog close, one of the most powerful sales techniques ever invented (and it’s totally based on customer experience). This is how it works: A customer is in the pet store with a child

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Joy In Mudville

Fortune Small Business: Jim Bintliff supplies special mud for Major League Baseball. The story goes back to when pro baseball teams began using new balls for each game. They wanted to remove the factory gloss and make the balls easier to grip. The umpires tried in-field dirt, shoe polish, and tobacco juice, but everything damaged

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