Google Ditches Microsoft Windows

According to Business Insider, Google is banning Microsoft Windows from internal use. Employees will be given the choice between Apple’s Mac OS and Linux. Adding insult to injury, Google is also publicly citing Windows security problems for the decision and blaming Windows vulnerabilities for the China hacking incident. So that’s 20,000+ Windows licenses that won’t

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$100 iPad Killer? reports that a cheaper tablet is on the horizon. It will run Google’s Android operating system and it will likely be sold by a Chinese computer company. That’s the gist of reports in Bloomberg and The New York Times about tablet offerings by the likes of Via and Foxconn. Ashlee Vance of The Times

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Yankee Stadium Bans iPads

According to Apple’s latest commercial, “iPad goes anywhere” – anywhere, that is, except for Yankee Stadium. Yahoo Sports confirmed with the stadium that the iPad falls under its “no laptops” security policy and patrons won’t be able to enter the ball field with one in their possession. Spacekatgal tried to bring her iPad in to

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The Slow Death Of The Landline

One out of four households in the U.S. is now wireless-only. ReadWriteWeb has the latest statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of wireless-only households continues to move up slowly. In the first half of 2009, 22.7% of all households had cut their landline and today this number is closer

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The Little Entrepreneur Joseph Hudicka’s story is typical of most budding iPhone entrepreneurs. His idea for a software application for the phone – known as an app – is a fusion game of hockey and checkers. He successfully pitched it to investors, who shelled out thousands of dollars to an offshore software development firm. His research and

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Cutting Your Tech Bills Down

photo credit: cod_gabriel We can all stand to save some money here and there in business today. Every little bit really adds up after a while. Cutting your bills down a little can be a great way to save some money. Most businesses don’t realize the money they are wasting on some unnecessary technology. First

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