Farmers Of The Future Won’t Have To Drive Their Tractors

According to Grand Forks Herald, the next time you see a field being tended by a farmer, he probably won’t be driving the tractor. Initially, the tractors will be primarily for tillage. They’ll have “follow-me” technology, to trail behind a lead vehicle between fields and then follow another tractor, “just like a hired hand would.” […]

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Goodbye Price Tags

In 2001, Sunit Saxena made a midnight run to the grocery store for wonton wrappers. When he couldn’t find any, he went looking for a clerk. The aisles were empty. He discovered the workers holed up in a back room tearing price tags off merchandise to reprice it for the next day, reports I

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Print Your Own Silver Jewelry

VentrureBeat reports that Shapeways allows users to design and print objects using a 3D printer. The company just added silver to its range of materials. Objects could previously be printed in glass, steel, plastic and a high-performance composite that hardens like a cement to produce full-color objects. To print an object, users either use 3D

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Tech Traps To Avoid

While putting your head in the sand and ignoring technology will do no good for your business, there are still some tech traps you should avoid. Here are a few from USA Today. Lack of security: Your customer lists, account numbers, passwords, bank information, data, contracts, and other vital information are the lifeblood of your

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