RIM’s Downfall

Some businesses rise, and some — like RIM — hit a downward spiral they may never survive, according to CNN Money. RIM reported three pieces of awful news Thursday: 5,000 layoffs, a giant quarterly loss and — worst of all — another delay to its next BlackBerry system. Shares plunged 18% Friday on the news. […]

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Apps: Job Outsourcing In Realtime

Business Insider: Justin Kan already has quite the track record. His second [business],, has turned into a runaway success since rebranding to Its traffic has doubled in the past six months. It now has more than 16 million unique visitors every month. Now he’s leaving that startup to work on a completely new

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iPad Eating Up Computer Sales

At first people wondered if the iPad would be undercut by competitors with a cheaper tablet, like Amazon’s Kindle, but it appears the opposite has happened. Not only are iPad sales on the rise, but they have also had an effect on the sales of regular computers, reports Apple Insider. Demand for iPads helped to

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The Keyboard Made Of Glass

Don’t get too comfortable with the keys you click while typing on your computer. Soon that keyboard you’re using may be made of touch-sensitive glass. The same can be said about your computer mouse, too. Giddings is president and CEO of Giddings Product Development. His team is in the process of developing the first batch

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UK Techpreneurs Shouldn’t Fear Failure

The Telegraph: Thirty technology experts, led by the ebullient Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and serial investor with stakes in the likes of Facebook and Zynga, are visiting Downing Street, London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’, and universities across the country to encourage the next wave of British dotcom entrepreneurs. Hoffman thinks the UK is ‘on its way’

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