Niche Biz: Balloon Animals

Looking for a fun summer business your child can enjoy? Forget lemonade, balloon animals are taking over. Amber Liggett is 15 years old, and she is already a savvy business woman. Wearing her favorite animal onesie Amber works her business selling balloon animals for $2, she is able to expand on a fun talent while […]

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Making Money from Truancy

Truancy costs school districts as much as $50 per day per student. Two California high school students realized that offering a service to combat it was a huge opportunity. The NY Times has more: Zak Kukoff, 16, and Jonathan Yan, 18, classmates, started TruantToday after Mr. Kukoff skipped a 7 a.m. honors geometry class at

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Doorbell Rings Your Phone

How many times have you missed a visitor or package because you did not hear the doorbell ring? Laurence Rook’s mom faced the same problem. At only 13 years old, he has designed a unique doorbell that will call you when someone rings it, reports The Tech Herald. When rung by would-be burglars, the Smart

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Eggsellent Venture

Reporter-News: On a warm Wednesday morning, David Dantzler pulls out a couple of pages of meticulously written charts that detail just how many eggs his 36 chickens have produced. For about nine months now, David, 13, has commanded the clucking crowd, selling their eggs as part of his own in-home business. Later, as he reaches

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Build-Your-Own Locket Design

Young teens are usually spending time with friends or thinking of boys, but Isabella Weems was already running her own business. She is the proud owner of Origami Owl, a business that sells personalized lockets and charms. Her business began when she decided she wanted a white pickup truck like her friend had, reports The

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Teen Entrepreneur Scares Up Biz

Jordan Renda has always loved Halloween, not so much for the trick-or-treating, but for the opportunity to scare family, friends and now, complete strangers. The Jacksonville Business Journal reports the 16-year-old Creekside High School junior and now Haunted Productions LLC president is experiencing his first year in the professional haunted house industry as the creator

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