The “Homepreneurs”

As more businesses move online and more jobs come into existence based upon these moves, it’s not a surprise that the number of people working from their home office is rising. This infographic by ContactMe drives home the numbers and puts it into perspective. Photo by ContactMe.

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Work-From-Home Rules

Inc. editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan, who has been working from home for the past four years, shares her advice with entrepreneurs (as well as her newly-virtual colleagues) on how to do it right. 1. Language is important. Tell people you “work out of my home office” or that you “work from home.” Never say, “I work

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8 Advantages To Telecommuting

Tribune Media Services has put together a list of eight reasons you should be telecommuting. 1. More than two-thirds of surveyed employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters — as much as 35 percent more productivity at some high-profile companies such as American Express and Best Buy. 2. Teleworkers typically continue to work when they’re

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Is Telecommuting Here to Stay?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that more Americans are ditching office camaraderie and regular work hours for the chance to work from home in pajamas or while sipping lattes at their favorite coffee shops. The American Time Use Survey, which measures the amount of time people spend doing various activities like work, childcare and

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