Get Your Idea Made: Telebrands

Often, an inventor with a limited budget may never see his or her invention go anywhere. However, if you have a little time, maybe you can grab the attention of Telebrands. Everyone knows the As Seen on TV logo that has graced many products (like the one above). Those same products have also made millions. […]

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Edible Yogurt Containers

Sick of messy yogurt containers in her lunchbox, Madison Alexander decided it was time for a new option. Her idea is to make yogurt containers edible, and it has grabbed the attention of a kids TV show. With her parents’ full support, Madison registered her idea on the Let’s Get Inventin’ website in March last

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Summer Camp for Detectives

Summer camps aren’t just for archery and basket weaving anymore. The newest camps are borrowing from the latest television shows and replacing swimming and capture the flag with crime solving. The Wall Street Journal has more: On a summer morning in southern New Jersey, a team of crime-scene investigators gathered around a body lying face-down

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TV For Your Dog

NY Times: Plenty of things will grab a dog’s attention: squirrels, tennis balls, funny smells, other dogs. But a TV channel? Absolutely, say the makers of DogTV, the first cable network to deliver 24-hour programming for dogs. The idea, they say, is that flipping on the channel while you go out for the day will

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Invention USA: Season 2

Last night was the first episode of season two of the History Channel show Invention USA. If you missed it, you can watch it here. Invention USA follows Scotty Ziegler and Reichart Von Wolfsheild as they search the country looking for the next brilliant invention, the next bold innovation, the next million-dollar idea. I haven’t

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