Affiliate Program: TextAlert4U

TextAlert4U is an SMS-based mobile advertising service that enables you to send unlimited advertising text messages to an unlimited number of subscribers – on a bulk broadcast basis – any time you want, as frequently as you like, with no per-message charges and no phone company fees ever. The owner of the company sent me

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Why Twitter Will Endure

David Carr over at The New York Times has an interesting look at Twitter. I can remember when I first thought seriously about Twitter. I was at the SXSW conference, a conclave in Austin, Tex., where technology, media and music are mashed up and re-imagined, and, not so coincidentally, where Twitter first rolled out in

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Twitter For Small Biz

Katherine Lewis at CurrentMom is often asked about Twitter for small business, either by independent consultants or business owners. And her answer is always the same: if your customers and competitors are on Twitter, you need to be too. 1. Follow Competitors and Customers 2. Tweet Useful Information — But Not Too Much 3. Monitor

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5th Grader Types 119 WPM!

Mashable has an interesting story about a 5th grader who is burning up the keyboard. Mackenzie can type 119 wpm. It’s not just a skill, it’s a hobby. She started playing on the computer at age 4 and spends her weekends typing. Her goal right now? “I’d like to get to at least 200(wpm).” By

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Service Puts Teen Messages On Hold

Texting while driving is foolhardy behaviour, with studies showing it’s more dangerous than getting behind the wheel when you’re drunk. A US company is proposing a solution. TXTBlocker is a combination of phone software and online services that stops drivers from calling or texting while in motion reports The Brisbane Times. Parents supply their child

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Mining The Twitter Goldmine

Gadgetwise: Why do so many Twitterers seem to be aspiring stand-up comics? “Good news: Cure for diabetes in mice,” Josh Donoghue, known as awryone, tweets from somewhere in Connecticut. “Bad news: in order for the cure to work on people, they must release whole mice into the bloodstream.” “I fell victim to a Fonzie scheme,”

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