Who Should You Listen To?

photo credit: LiveFromAmsterdam Seth Godin’s: Just for a second, think about the influence, buying power, network and track record of the people you listen to the most. Have they earned the right? In business we hear a lot of advice, tips and constructive criticism whether we ask for it or not. It is inevitable, wherever […]

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Taking Better Notes

photo credit: John Althouse Cohen When we attend meetings and seminars, many of us take along a notebook of some sort in order to jot down some notes to remember after the meeting or seminar. The problem with this is that many of us, when looking at our notes later on, can’t remember why we

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How To Improve Your Website

photo credit: ottonassar As a business owner we know that one of our most powerful tools to our company is our website. Through our website our clients can contact us, place orders, ask questions, read about us and how we got to where we are, leave helpful suggestions and requests, leave reviews regarding our service

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