Cool Invention: Shark Pack

< p style=”text-align: center;”> Bill Rigopoulos tells Inventors Digest the story of when he was vacationing in the Bahamas and was afraid to leave his cash, cell phone, credit cards and passport in his hotel room or hide them under his towel while he hit the beach. So he invented the Shark Pack – a

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Niche Biz: Local Tours

Who knows your community better than you? If you know where all the great places to visit and eat are at in your town and city, why not start your own tours for tourists? That is exactly what Julia Segal is doing with her own business, Kingston By Fork. According to Frontenac EMC, she started

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Storm Chasing Tourism

I’m from California and we have earthquakes. It’s just part of living here for me, but I’m sure that people in the midwest are frightened by the idea. I know how they feel. Their tornados scare me. But, do tornados excite you? Have you ever wanted to chase a storm? Two of the world’s best

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Cool Invention: Robot Lifeguard

Automating life-saving. That’s the plan for one Arizona entrepreneur, Tony Mulligan, who designed a remote-controlled buoy named Emily to help rescue swimmers in distress. Emily — an acronym for Emergency Lifesaving Lanyard — can race through rippling waters at 24 miles per hour and rescue swimmers twelve times as fast as human lifeguards, according to

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OnCell Cell Phone Tours

OnCell is a company that can help you create interactive self-guided cell phone tours. They serve museums, historic sites, parks, zoos, and other venues where people gather to be entertained and educated. OnCell provides the technology to create interactive audio tours for cell phones & smartphones. Let your visitors listen and learn at their own

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A Modern Day Gold Rush

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that fear of financial collapse has enhanced gold’s glitter, with prices soaring more than 300 percent the past decade, including 30 percent just in the last 12 months. And just as strong U.S. real estate prices a few years ago created a burgeoning ecosystem of entrepreneurs exploiting that bubble, gold’s surge has

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