Skating On Carpet

For Don Edwards, it began with a need to move furniture on carpet with ease. In 1993, he designed a product called EZ Moves Furniture Slides. When placed under the edges of a couch or chair, it could move around a carpeted room with ease. What came next he never expected, reports Your Norwin. Edwards

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A Better Wagon For Travel

Richard Shapiro would often see people traveling with their child’s wagon, and having trouble fitting it into their vehicle. That is when a light bulb went off in his head, and he redesigned the wagon for easier transport. How he has licensed his design to Radio Flyer. For the past 10 years, Shapiro, a personal

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Supersizing The Rubik Cube

If you thought a normal Rubik cube was hard, Oskar van Deventer has created one so big that even he cannot solve it. states that the dimensions for this “Over the Top” product is 17x17x17. He said: ‘The puzzle has never been solved, although people have solved virtual versions of it on the internet.

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Toy Swap

Ray Comfort: If you are finding this economy tough, here’s a way to create some income. Go around your neighborhood and offer cash for old toys (every family has a pile). Keep your offers low. Clean and fix the toys and have a yard sale with a big hand-painted sign saying “Swap your old toy

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