Lobster Stories

Fast Company: This summer, you’ll want to consider adding your smartphone to the plastic bib, nutcracker, and melted butter for your lobster dinner. If an initiative from EcoTrust Canada called ThisFish takes off, you’ll be able to scan tags on the coveted crustaceans (and a growing menu of other seafood as well) to learn more […]

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Small Bizs Are No Big Brother

When asked about their company’s policies for monitoring employees, more than one third of business owners say that they do not screen employee computer use in any way. An poll, which surveyed readers between September 22 through October 6 and received 305 respondents, found that 25 percent of companies blocked “unproductive” sites like YouTube,

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Tracking Social Media Activity

photo credit: jurvetson With all of the information that people post to the Internet very publicly these days, you can paint almost a perfect picture of their lifestyle, their world, likes and dislikes as long as you track their activity and actually put the information into your database. No matter what approach you employ for

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Your Shipping System

photo credit: mugley In business, shipping is kind of like cleaning your house. No one wants to deal with it or talk about it, but everyone has to put up with it and do the best they can. Some entrepreneurs find shipping to be quite a challenge as no one vendor or system fit’s anyone

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