Ride The Skies With A Hoverbike

People have been dreaming of hover devices since Back to the Future. Australian inventor, Chris Malloy, is helping make the hover dream come true with his new Hoverbike, reports gizmag. His efforts were prompted when his helicopter instructor likened a Robinson R22 light utility helicopter to an airborne motorbike. Disagreeing, Malloy set about building something

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Personal Size Submarine

Most people think of submarines as they are for military use. However, Hugh Fulton has brought them down to a personal size with his creation, the Q Sub, reports The Q Sub is named after an inventor – not Q from the James Bond movies, but Uncle Q – that’s what Mr Fulton’s nephews

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The City Car Of The Future

In the future, you won’t see full size vehicles driving the streets of NYC or San Francisco. You just might see William Lark Jr.’s CityCar instead, reports NewsOne. The cars, which are smaller than Smart Cars, are battery-electric, so they don’t cause tailpipe emissions. They also weigh less than a 1,000 pounds and are intended

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