Tipping Cards For Travellers

Trendspotter Springwise says cash may be increasingly rare as a method of payment in most transactions, but tipping remains one of those areas where it’s still often the standard. Therein lies a problem for international travellers, who must juggle multiple currencies; Where’s My Tip, however, aims to offer a solution. Wait staff and bartenders should

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Trailers Are Optional

Approximately 2 years ago Brian Ohnemus create a boat rack that would carry his boat so he could still pull his camper. The idea worked so well that he decided to turn it into a business, reports the Quincy Herald Whig. “While getting all the gear ready for a weekend family camping trip, I realized

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Traveling Teddy Bears

I’ve always wanted to send one of my children’s favorite stuffed animals on a round the world trip. The idea of getting back emails and photos from “Clifford” or “Puppy” showing them propped up in front of a variety of famous international landmarks always seemed like a great idea. At least it was until I

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