Chopsticks: Made in USA

Nearly everything today is “Made in China”; nearly everything that is, except for two million chopsticks that are made each day in Americus, Georgia at Georgia Chopsticks. Business is booming, and the company plans to increase production from 2 million to 10 million chopsticks per day. Video below. More info here and here.

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Skis Handmade In The USA

Not everything comes off a production line today. Chris Bagley has discovered his niche by handmaking skis from his workshop in Maine. Making these first pairs wasn’t easy. Bagley endured making skis in a barn with a kerosene heater, which he estimates warmed the room to about 40 degrees in the winter. It took days

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Quirky Goes Make In USA

Not all of Quirky’s products are made overseas anymore. Their new milk crate is made here in the USA, reports BusinessWeek. The storage crates will be sold on the design website for the next seven days. Starting on July 1, they will be available at 400 Target stores around the country. The company wanted

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Small Biz Maintaining Optimism

A recent report analyzes the attitudes entrepreneurs have in six different countries: the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain. According to Sys-Con Media, although business hasn’t been at its best, most entrepreneurs are still optimistic. Forty three percent reported negative or no growth in revenue last year. Despite this performance

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Made In USA…For Now

According to a story at, “Made in USA still matters.” Is, and will remain Aegis Bicycles’ motto, even if it ultimately becomes the death knell for the company, promised owner Pete Orne. Orne bought the business in 2004 and like so many domestic businesses, it’s hanging on by a thread. Three years ago, Aegis

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Show Me The Money

They call America the land of opportunity, but few would question the notion that it is also the land of contrasts. reports that all you need to do is look at the statistics compiled on a regular basis by the Department of Labor, Census Bureau and other government institutions to see the stark differences

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Made In America, With Pride Everybody has dreams. Steve Granade’s is more streets like his own in Countryside that’s decked out with flags sprouting from two dozen curbside mailboxes. “I see waves of mailbox flags spreading from neighborhood to neighborhood,” said the 55-year-old hobbyist-inventor of a $4 stick-on bracket that makes it possible. “People turned to displaying the flag

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What Have We Done In 40 Years?

Before 1970, when the first Earth Day occurred, no federal laws barred companies from releasing toxic chemicals into the air and water. Today, that seems almost difficult to imagine. As people celebrate Earth Day’s 40 anniversary today, USA TODAY takes a look backward and shows how much environmental progress has occurred. In the animated video,

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