A Modern Day Gold Rush

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that fear of financial collapse has enhanced gold’s glitter, with prices soaring more than 300 percent the past decade, including 30 percent just in the last 12 months. And just as strong U.S. real estate prices a few years ago created a burgeoning ecosystem of entrepreneurs exploiting that bubble, gold’s surge has […]

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Niche Biz: Vacation Photography

WSJ: For summer vacation, the flight is booked, the hotel is reserved, the bags are packed, but what about the professional photographer to take snapshots and make you look supernaturally gorgeous? A growing number of hotels and resorts are offering sessions with photographers to chronicle guests’ vacations. Travelers want to record memorable moments without ruining

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Small Biz Owners Vacation

TheStreet: The image of a serene sunbather on a tropical beach with cocktail in hand doesn’t scream out “small business owner,” and it probably never will. It’s tough enough running any business but owners of small shops with just one or a few employees have their own special challenges – like taking a vacation. Paige

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The Vacation You Cant Afford

photo credit: Joshua Davis ( Whoever still has a job out there, is working probably harder then they ever have before in their work life, they also are most likely more stressed out and on the verge of a breakdown now more than they ever have been. Why? Because the economy and work life is

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Avoiding Ownership Burnout

photo credit: Arturo J. Paniagua When we become business owners, it is very easy to get burnt out really quick. This happens for many reasons, we take on too much, we never take a break for fear something bad will happen while we are away, we don’t trust others to do anything major in the

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