Drilling Square Holes

This video of a machine drilling square holes has making the rounds on the interwebs today. I thought it was pretty fascinating, and wanted to share a couple other videos of drills drilling square holes I found while researching the invention. More videos after the jump.

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Virtual Event Cameras

YourDeerParkNews: If you’ve ever missed an event that you really wanted to attend but it was too far away or didn’t fit in your schedule, you’ll love this business idea by Deer Park resident Chris Watt. Watt founded Kuwa Kuna, a “virtual event cameras” service. “Kuwa kuna” is Swaheli for “be there” and that’s exactly

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Jet Pack School

Want to be a rocketeer? Using a jetpack isn’t easy! You can’t just fire off the thrusters, lean forward to go and expect not to crash. You need to go jet pack school first. Video below.

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Spatula City

Having just posted about a store that only sells mayonnaise, I was reminded of the “commercial” for the fictional Spatula City within the movie UHF by “Weird Al” Yankovic. In the movie, Weird Al plays a daydreamer whose hyperactive imagination keeps him from holding a steady job. His gambling uncle wins the deed to a

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