Work at Home

Working From Home Tips

Some of us may have chosen to work from home full time, and others of us work from home part time while still maintaining an office at our company or place of employment. Either way, I think it’s more than beneficial to offer some tips on working from home, as this can be a challenge

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Working From Home Is Not Easy

photo credit: Kelly Sue Today many people are contemplating making a switch from the corporate office to the home office. This can be a great switch but you should know it’s not for everyone. When many of us think about working from home we think it will be easier then working from a corporate office.

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Tips For ‘Biz’ Moms

Being a Mom and running a business is like having two full-time jobs. asked women who do it for their advice on how to juggle running a family while building a business. 1. Set aside some time for yourself 2. It’s okay to say ‘No’ 3. Outsource household work 4. Be present 5. Don’t

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Starting Up A Home Office?

photo credit: Risager Many entrepreneurs think working from a home office will be a dream come true– until they give it a try. The reality of working from home, however exciting the prospect, can be a shock to the system. It’s not all about fuzzy bunny slippers and skipping the day’s shave. As stated on

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Home Biz Comes Naturally

As proprietor of three home-run businesses — TLC Kennels, Ceres Greenhouses and Sophisticated Baby Gifts — Barbara Gile needs the space, reports The Ithaca Journal. “I opened the kennels 15 years ago,” she says. “It was just a temporary home for people’s pets if they were going on vacation, or couldn’t take care of them.”

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