Work Space

Musical Office Chairs

The Boston Globe reports that for the second year, advertising and public relations firm Conover Tuttle Pace has held their Summer Sublet desk swap, a lottery that forces most of the firm’s 35 employees, from the rookies to the boss, to sit somewhere new until Labor Day. To determine who was going to move where

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Rumors On Layoffs

photo credit: Don Fulano In today’s business world it is no surprise that there are rumors going around in every company. Rumors of downsizing, cuts in pay and nasty rumors on layoffs. These rumors if not dealt with appropriately can become quite a bothersome act for all employees and end up causing large amounts of

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Improving Employee Morale

photo credit: Marcus Vegas In business we all know that happy employees means happy work place which equals productive work place. A Lot of businesses ponder many ideas on improving their employee morale without emptying their wallets in the process. Below are a few ideas that OpenForum had regarding improving employee morale. Eating lunch with

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Safety at work

photo credit: krossbow We have been spending a lot of time on advertising, sales, hiring, promotions and how to handle them, etc. But one of the most important factors in your company and what can be the most costly is safety. Below are a few key points that should help you establish safety in your

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Increasing employee commitment

photo credit: ArtemFinland Managers often ask the number one question that is sometime’s hard to answer depending on the company, how do we get our employees to become more committed and involved in the company? Judith Bardwick wrote a book regarding this matter and she had some suggestions that may help you. People are more

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Shake Things Up

WebWorkerDaily: One of the dangers of web working is that of getting stuck in a rut. Not that people working in traditional settings aren’t also affected by this professional pitfall. In fact, web workers are probably better off than most because more decisions about how and where we work are generally left up to us.

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Home Offices Can Fit Anywhere

Las Vegas Review-Journal: I have seen so much interest and gotten so much mail about how to decorate or redecorate our homes to accommodate working from home that I’m talking about home offices today. But, I think you’ll be surprised. Home offices are not what they used to be. Today it’s all in the attitude.

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