Green Biz: Re:char

Food processors’ byproducts such as rice hulls, nut shells, and other waste are normally trashed. But Jason Aramburu, Chief Executive Officer of re:char, sees it all as an untapped source of cooking fuel and fertilizer, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. His company designs and builds equipment to make biochar–a type of charcoal that retains moisture in soil–and […]

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Green Biz: Global Cycle Solutions

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Global Cycle Solutions makes gadgets that let farmers in the developing world use bicycles to shell maize or charge mobile phones. Jodie Wu conceived the idea in 2008 while a student at MIT’s D-Lab, which incubates technologies for developing countries. She and six co-founders launched the business in 2009 with $30,000

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Students Build Centrifuge For $30

Futurity reports that a group of college students has turned a salad spinner into a rudimentary centrifuge that medical clinics in developing countries could use to manually separate blood without electricity. They built it for about $30–including the spinner–using plastic lids, cut-up combs, yogurt containers, and a hot-glue gun. The centrifuge was designed as a

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Cool Invention: The sOccket

It’s soccer’s newest utility player: A ball called the sOccket generates and stores energy as players kick it, then provides energy at home. reports Readers Digest. Fifteen minutes on the field captures enough energy to power a small light for three hours and may help people in developing nations replace kerosene, a leading cause of

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What Have We Done In 40 Years?

Before 1970, when the first Earth Day occurred, no federal laws barred companies from releasing toxic chemicals into the air and water. Today, that seems almost difficult to imagine. As people celebrate Earth Day’s 40 anniversary today, USA TODAY takes a look backward and shows how much environmental progress has occurred. In the animated video,

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Anyone Can Be A Millionaire!

Who wants to be a millionaire… for under $200? Come on, even your mom could afford that. Business Pundit suggests a trip to the following places… 10. Zambia 9. Paraguay 8. Guinea 7. Laos 6. Indonesia 5. Iran 4. Turkmenistan 3. Sao Tome & Principe 2. Vietnam 1. Somalia Photo by Zambia/Paraguay.

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