Odd Job: Content Reviewer

According to The New York Times, Ricky Bess spends eight hours a day in front of a computer near Orlando, Fla., viewing some of the worst depravities harbored on the Internet. He has seen photographs of graphic gang killings, animal abuse and twisted forms of pornography. One recent sighting was a photo of two teenage […]

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YouTube And The New Creative Class

According to CNet News, a half decade after YouTube’s birth, the site exceeds 2 billion views a day. It seems that everyone–from music labels to mainstream Hollywood studios to television networks–has joined the movement. Amid this vibrant, fertile, and expanding landscape, a creative class of budding, do-it-yourself media moguls–part distributor, part content creator, part producer,

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Episodic Deal May Monetize YouTube

In its fifth acquisition of 2010, Google has acquired a fledgling video Relevant Products/Services service that could offer some backup Relevant Products/Services to its YouTube property. The Internet giant snapped up Episodic for an undisclosed amount, reports TopTechNews. Google hasn’t officially announced the deal, but the San Francisco-based startup was so “thrilled” to join the

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YouTube University

Call it “YouTube U.” The Philadelphia Inquirer says more and more people are turning to YouTube for demonstrations of skills they’d like to learn. But increasingly, the video-sharing Web site is also the place to go when you want to learn something. Be it how to do the moonwalk, fix a dripping kitchen sink, perfect

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