Nu Skin: 10 Successful Years In The Philippines And Counting

Manila Standard Today:

After 10 years in the Philippines, global beauty and wellness direct-selling company Nu Skin has 7,000 active distributors in its sales force.

This is the strength behind the company’s over $1 billion in sales and operations in 48 markets, including the Philippines.

Melisa Tantoco-Quijano, Nu Skin’s president for Southeast Asia, says distributors in the country come from all walks of life but have one thing in common—a fervent passion for entrepreneurship and a goal to succeed.

“Nu Skin is not just looking for numbers. We want entrepreneurs who are committed to making their businesses succeed and who believe in the company’s products,” she says.

Quijano says it is also impressive that Nu Skin has a notable number of male distributors, a Philippine phenomenon.

She explains that this means being a distributor is not just a “sideline,” as direct selling is traditionally looked at, but a regular source of income for the family’s breadwinner.

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