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In case you have not noticed, most business opportunities are a down right scam and it can be frustrating. We consider ourselves “professional investigators” at this point as we have dug deep into so many different concepts – just to determine their legitimacy.

I have to be honest, most of what we find are complete scams. Whether they promise to teach you how to start a blog, offer a low-cost work from home concept or sell you an expensive franchise opportunity, most just seem to have a catch. Sure, the franchisor makes money. But will you?

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Still, we believe the only way to live is to be self employed.  We work hard to show you how to do that the honest way. While we can not promise you success, as that will depend on you, we do try to fill our pages with information that has helped, educated, encouraged and inspired us and we hope it will do the very same for you.

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It is important to always be learning. A new feature, tip, trick, app, software system, shortcut and so on. That is why every day we update the site with new and better resources, websites, products, books, mentors, programs and even inspirational thoughts – anything we feel will help you start and run your business.

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We know everyone needs something different. Whether it is help overcoming the fear to go out on your own, attaining capital, selecting the right franchise, developing your niche, choosing the right concept for your personality style or finding a good accounting class, we can help.

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