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Are you business savvy, or looking for a way out of the 9-to-5 grind? You may have the skills and persona, but the trick is to find a lucrative business opportunity to break into. It helps to have a name people recognize and a reputation that draws new and repeat customers. An established business model helps you get off the ground as well.

Fortunately, we have a database of business opportunities you may want to look into. Many offer the opportunity to run a franchise business and serve the franchisee’s customers. Owning a franchise allows you to take advantage of a well-known name and profit by putting hard work into marketing and selling a product or service. There may be existing customers, but the work is sure to be rewarding if you can expand the customer base.

Franchise Business Opportunities Available Now

There are many areas you can branch into. Some of the opportunities you’ll see in our database include retailers. Kona Ice is one. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked it the #1 New Franchise. The company offers its own headquarters-based training program and provides franchisees with equipment, a shaved ice truck, and corporate support. Franchisees can be up and running in 30-60 days, according to the company.

Kona Ice’s marketing team provides you with advertising materials, including graphics, copywriting, videos, and digital email and social media advertising. You can also take advantage of low overhead, protected territories, and, yes, proprietary apps.

Online Business Opportunities

We also include plenty of online business opportunities in our database. SocialXpand is one of these. Any business can benefit from a social media campaign, but companies don’t always have the time or resources to run one. You can manage these campaigns, while the franchiser provides you with the website and training. Sell its social media software and management services to help other companies expand their presence, and profit while creating deals, sweepstakes, and managing social reputations of your clients.

Best Way to Find an Opportunity in Business

Why hunt for business ideas when you can select one of our existing opportunities and get started immediately? If selling commercial finance solutions sounds interesting, Commercial Capital Training Group now offers a loan broker training program. After seven days, you can be qualified to provide financing solutions to any business or commercial real estate entity. Choose from a selection of training packages and establish your own commercial finance business. Different than a franchise business opportunity, this has a high earning potential with no fees or royalties.

Browse all our listings to find out how much you need to invest and if financing assistance is provided.

The franchise business opportunities and other offerings you’ll find on our website afford access to training and chances to become your own boss. Lifetime support is available. View our featured opportunities and stay tuned for additional opportunities as they arise—there are many business ventures that can be managed online so you can work at home. If you are looking to break into business, profit from franchises, or start your own business, send us an online message or email [email protected]
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