Coffeeshop Office Etiquette


Offering free WIFI costs a cafe very little, and can attract some good business. It’s a good deal for everyone, if users are conscientious about setting up shop in the coffee house.

If you really want to be a welcome worker in the cafe scene, here are some common sense tips to try:

    – Take the smallest cafe table you can fit at. It’s not fair to grab a table for four.

    – Don’t Bogart the chairs.

    – Don’t steal the bandwidth. If you have large downloads to make, try to do that at home.

    – Don’t hog the electrical outlet, either. Use your battery if you can.

    – Mute the sound on your computer. This may sound obvious, but sometimes people forget.

    – Keep buying things at the coffeeshop. A purchase each hour shows good faith.

Photo by mindless.

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