Franchise Exhibition Turkey 2009 In Istanbul

Under current conditions in the market, if a company can not be successful to introduce its product in a right way and communicate it to correct masses, it is not so possible for that company to become successful and continue its entity in the sector, notwithstanding how its product is good and high quality.

At that point, the trade fairs have a character of market where the service and commodity producers and consumers meet at a definite time period and place and as the fairs are oriented to a definite subject, they give opportunity to participant companies to catch the “related demand” directly, in the shortest time and in the most effective manner.

A fair organization is deemed as the most important communication tool in all around the world in terms of giving information about a company and its products and services to the target mass and strengthening its image.

The FRANCHISE TURKEY’09 – FRANCHISE INVESTMENT, ENTERPRISING AND TRADE FAIR to be realized with cooperation of franchise-net and Sentez Fuarcılık at Istanbul Fair Center between dates of 23-26 April, 2009, creates an important opportunity for all franchise giving brands to increase their franchise operation numbers by reaching to right entrepreneurs.

Its importance in terms of participants… read on.

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