Archery “Golf”

This sounds fun. The Bow Range is an outdoor archery park located in Medford, Oregon. Here’s a video profile from a local television news station.

More from The Bow Range’s website:

The fun and exciting sport of 3D Archery is a form of Target Archery. 3D Archery can be participated by anyone at any skill level. 3D Archery can be set in the woods, fields and sometime even at indoor ranges. The keys to success in 3D Archery are the ability to estimate how far away the target is and knowing where to place your shot on the target to achieve the highest possible score.

Archers, like golfers, walk a course, take a shot at each hole or in this case, each target and keep track of their score. In the sport of golf, golfers need to know of far away the hole is to choose the right club. In 3D Archery, archers also have to estimate the distance, which will affect their shot placement, to get the highest score. In golf the lowest score wins, in 3D the highest score wins, as the archer only shoots 1 arrow per target and scores higher points the closer the shooter comes to the mark.

3D Archery courses generally consist of various animal shaped targets. These are close to life-sized animals. The types of animals will vary depending on the club. You may see everything from Antelope, Deer, Sheep, Snakes, Beaver, Skunk, Moose, Elk, Cougar, Bobcat and much more. We have some novelty targets for the kids like our velociraptor.

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