Welcome Service Business: A Great Business Idea that Works

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The following is a guest post from Bizymoms.

If you love to meet new people and enjoy playing the host in your community, the Welcome Service business makes an idyllic choice of business for you. The basic task involved in this business is to welcome new residents and other people like newly weds, couples with newborn babies and students in your community and make them feel at home. Provide them with basic information about the area so that they quickly get adapted to their new surroundings. The amazing part is that while you do this community service, you get the opportunity to earn a nice income out of it.

There are a lot of local businesses out there in your community that are looking for new customers. Your Welcome Service, along with helping new people adjust in their new environment, promotes these local businesses in order to support your effort and let it pay for itself. Businesses see this as a personal advertising service. There is a strong value proposition in it for them because they get the opportunity to reach a new customer directly and personally, with you acting as their representative or community ambassador.

Essentially, your job as a Welcome Service provider is to drive out to the client’s home after seeking an appointment with him. Generally, this could be over the weekends or in the evenings. You would typically carry an attractive gift basket or bag that is filled with useful informational material, discount coupons, and promotional stuff from your local business sponsors.

Your sponsors will typically pay you on a per visit basis, and many times they will make a long-term contract with you on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending upon your relationship with the sponsor. The payment of each sponsor varies, it would be best to check around your local area or state and see what the going rates are.

All marketers understand the need to reach out to the customer first, before other competition arrives. Customers will usually build a loyalty with the one they start with first, and thereafter it is very difficult for the competition to pull away that customer. This is where the importance of your Welcome Service business lies. It is a business that lets you mix work with fun, and gives you the opportunity to meet with new people, and earns you a great income at the same time!

The key advantage of this business is that you can start it with minimum investments and minimum risk. If you are looking to start with a low profile, you can launch your business all by yourself, without hiring any employees or other expensive overheads. Even the marketing and advertising part of the business can be handled with low costs by using innovative online marketing techniques.

Once you have established a firm foothold in the market, your business will automatically grow with the help of word-of-mouth publicity. Sponsors will prefer to approach you on their own when they start receiving actual sales results from tying up with your business. Once your business has reached such a stage, you may be in a position to hire “greeters” or “Welcome Sales Representatives” to expand the scope of your market.

All you need is a sound business plan and effective business management to run your Welcome Service efficiently and profitably. So if you think your profile is suited to this business, go ahead and weigh your options carefully and then take a final decision.

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