Mompreneurs Get Cooking With Time Saving Business & Book

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Armed with a new name and a new book, Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins think they have hit on a successful recipe for business with their unique meal creation system.

Kallio and Krastins, two Grand Haven moms with engineering degrees and a love of home entertaining, are scheduled to release their second book this week, The Stocked Kitchen. Formerly called The Stocked Host, The Stocked Kitchen details a system that speeds up grocery shopping and meal preparation. The book releases this week online and at four West Michigan retailers.

Krastins says the concept saves time, money and food waste, and trips to the grocery store. The idea starts with a standardized grocery list that helps users stock their kitchens with foods that can be used in hundreds of recipes.

“It’s definitely not just a recipe book,” Krastins says. The book comes with a grocery pad and list of items that go into over 300 recipes. It also includes tips for storing foods and organizing the kitchen. “We felt strongly about using items that people already have and will use.”

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