Tri Tax Debit Card Saves Fees, Keeps More Cash In Customers’ Pockets

PR Newswire:

Especially in a tight economy, it’s hard for people to watch their hard-earning money slip away in the form of check cashing fees. The new Tri Tax Debit Card is an easy solution that can save hundreds of dollars in fees.

The Debit Card is an ideal way for Tri Tax customers to receive tax refunds, but it also functions as a low-cost delivery tool for payroll deposits. Workers who currently pay high check cashing fees may save hundreds of dollars by using the Tri Tax Debit Card, while also avoiding banking hassles or waiting weeks for checks to arrive by mail.

Tri Tax President and CEO Frank Montano says that although the debit card concept isn’t new, his company’s approach is. “It’s our goal to provide clients with the lowest priced way to obtain tax refunds,” he explains. “With the average check cashing fee at about 3%, cashing a $4,000 refund will result in charges of $120. The Tri Tax Debit Card just makes sense.”

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