Casting Call for Dragons Den

The following is by Brenden Sherratt of In The Shark Tank.

There is no news yet about a second season of Shark Tank, but if you’re interested in pitching your business to wealthy investors than Dragon’s Den is your show. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has started a coast-to-coast search for creative ideas and money-making businesses. Dragon’s Den is the same concept as Shark Tank, it even stars two of the Sharks Robert and Kevin O as Dragons.

In the past Americans have appeared on the show, and I do not see anything in the rules that forbid American citizens from addition.

You can addition in person at one of 40 sites across Canada, or online by filling out this application form.

Here is a partial list of additions locations:

  • March 6, Toronto and Winnipeg
  • March 8, Victoria and Windsor
  • March 13, Vancouver
  • March 16, and 17, Edmonton
  • March 19, and 20, Calgary
  • March 20, Montréal
  • March 22, Québec City and Waterloo
  • March 23, Fredericton
  • March 25, Yellowknife
  • March 26, Charlottetown
  • March 28, Halifax
  • March 30, Whitehorse
  • March 30, St. John’s
  • April 1, Hamilton
  • April 8, Thunder Bay
  • April 10, Toronto
  • April 17, Ottawa

For a full and updated list click here.

Make sure you bring the completed audition consent and release form.

For more information click here.

Good luck and I hope to have more news about the second season of Shark Tank, when it comes available.

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