Say It With Chocolate

When was the last time you received a business card made out of chocolate? How about a chocolate spoon in your favorite coffee at your local cafe? A unique touch like that is hardly ever forgotten. That is exactly what Chocolate Graphics is banking on.

While they couldn’t tell us exactly how they print on the chocolate, we can tell you that it is all chocolate. No inks or dyes. Promoting your business doesn’t get much more unique (or delicious) than that.

Tell us a little about Chocolate Graphics.

Chocolate Graphics’ proprietary technology allows the embossing of photographic and other images onto chocolate with chocolate, vs. film or inks. Additionally, Chocolate Graphics also produces three-dimensional images on chocolate with chocolate, providing unparalleled definition and assortment in embossed chocolates.

Chocolate Graphics currently markets its unique patented products and manufacturing process worldwide through licenses. With 36 franchisees/licensees now appointed in 36 countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Romania, Poland, Greece, South Africa, Spain and Japan, Chocolate Graphics is rapidly expanding into new territories. Our most recent licensees are located in Chile and Vietnam.

When was it launched?

An Australian inventor originally conceived the Chocolate Graphics process in 1988. In July 1999 the patents, applications and manufacturing rights were purchased by John Taylor, an international businessman who had kick-started many entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Taylor introduced a strategic focus and inventive marketing strategy, rebuilt the technology, and revised the intellectual property, including registration of four new international patents. Since then, the process has been significantly upgraded to incorporate state-of-the-art computerized laser and automated technology.

How does the chocolate printing process work?

It’s actually not a printing process, but an embossing process, providing three-dimensional graphics and a crystal-clear image. It is proprietary, so we can’t tell you much more than that!

What is the average cost

The cost for our basic products ranges from $0.39 for 1” chocolates to $5.55 for our chocolate CDs packaged in a jewel case.

What would you say are some of your favorite past projects? Why? What’s the weirdest request you’ve seen?

Wow – what a great question! We’ve done some awesome photo chocolates. Loved the one we did for the historic inauguration of President Obama – it was really well-received. We always love doing wedding chocolates because it’s for such a happy occasion! We’ve laughed at the number of dentists who order chocolates for patient thank yous and wonder if they are just trying to drum up more business? And it’s always fun to do new shapes. We have had some strange requests, not to mention some that were slightly “naughty!” My favorite is the coffin-shaped business card requested by a funeral director.

How many different chocolates/options do you offer? What are some of your top sellers?

We have many different designs, types of chocolate, sizes and shapes. And of course we can do custom shapes and have many different packaging options as well. The variations are truly endless. Our biggest sellers are chocolate business cards (2” x 4”) as well as 2” chocolates (squares, circles, hearts, octagons).

What separates Chocolate Graphics from the competition?

We are the only company offering 100% chocolate products. No inks, no dyes, no printing. All images, logos, photos, texts are directly embossed on chocolate with chocolate.

Do you have any new products that will be showing up in the near future? If so, care to give us a few hints as to what it is?

We are always coming up with new products! Some of our latest inventions are our chocolate spoons and dessert medallions. You’ve seen plastic spoons that are coated with chocolate, sold for use with coffee drinks. Our spoon bowls are 100% chocolate, and can even be embossed with a logo. We also developed our new chocolate dessert medallions, essentially a 100% chocolate “pick” that can be inserted into any dessert – cake slices, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, etc. A great way for a restaurant to “sweetly” get its brand in front of the customer in a unique way. And a wonderful way for hotels and resorts to provide their convention customers with a personalized touch for their banquet desserts (think “logos”!).

Our most recent introduction is a filled truffle (many delicious flavors available such as chocolate ganache, raspberry) which can be embossed with a logo.

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