Libraries Are Good For Biz

According to a story at Dayton Daily News, lots of people know that libraries are great places to get free books, movies and more but fewer are aware that libraries provide needed support for businesspeople.

From free Wi-Fi access for those professionals who are constantly on the road, to business related workshops for entrepreneurs thinking of starting a new business, to sales and marketing data for the small business looking to boost.

In fact, according to a recent American Library Association report “How Libraries Stack Up: 2010,” public libraries are really good for business.

Here are just a few services they provide:

Business resources – Business owners and employees use resources at public libraries 2.8 million times every month to support their small business.

Technical training – Every day, almost 15,000 people attend free library computer classes – representing a retail value of $2.2 milllion.

Free Wi-Fi – Nearly 12,000 libraries now offer free Wi-Fi. That’s more than Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or Borders.

Meeting spaces – More libraries offer free meeting rooms than there are conference centers, convention facilities and auditoriums combined. Every day, 225,000 people use library meeting spaces – representing an annual retail value of $3.2 billion.

Job seeker support – We could help your next great employee find you. Every day 300,000 Americans get job seeking help at their public library and 13,000 U.S. public libraries offer career assistance.

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