Ice Cream Experience Turned Phenomenon

It was a simple twist of fate that turned an art history student into an ice cream entrepreneur reports 10 TV News.

Jeni Britton Bauer stumbled upon the idea when she was studying art history at The Ohio State University and tried to spice things up by mixing cayenne pepper with chocolate ice cream for friends at a dinner party.

“I just thought it would be cool, and it was, and everyone went crazy,” Bauer said. “Then it was rose petal (and) basil. And I’d hit farmers markets, and the North Market, and started making it on a home machine, and then I realized this is huge.”

What started as an experiment has turned into a booming business, Cambern reported.

Bauer now has five shops, with three more on the way, and a busy Internet business.

Bauer said her goal is to be the world’s foremost artisan ice cream maker, but she said she will stop growing when she stops having fun.

Screenshot from Jeni’s

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